Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Updated Plan for March 28

Dear Folks:
    We have a slight adjustment to our schedule for the March 28 More Than Words workshop.  I spoke to Yaritza at the bus company, and she informed me that the New London High students coming to Ledyard for the workshop can ride the Ledyard bus that delivers the Ledyard students who attend the Science and Tech Magnet School.  The bus will pick up the students at 7:30 and take them to Ledyard High.  The same bus will take the students from Ledyard High at 1:30 p.m. and deliver them to New London High in time for the regular dismissal.
     I think we should be all set for the workshop on March 28; I'll see you then.
Here is the revised schedule for the day:
                 7:30a.m.         New London High students will be picked up by Ledyard bus returning from Sci
                                       and Tech Magnet School
                8:00 -   9:30     Orient high school students to the workshop and assign roles for the session
               9:45 - 10:45    Conduct workshop re: The Sneetches at Gallup Hill School
             10:50 –12:10   Debrief at LHS on the workshops
            12:10 – 12:42  Block 3 and lunch Student Shadow  
            12:47 -  1:30    Block 4 Student Shadow
Bus arrangements:

·        7:30a.m.  - The Ledyard bus that services the Sciecne and Tech Magnet High School will pick up New London High students and take them to Ledyard High at 8:00
·        9:30 a.m. - All More Than Words students will take bus from LHS to Gallup Hill School
·        10:45 a.m. -  More Than Words students will take bus from Gallup Hill School to LHS
·        1:30 p.m.-  Science and Tech Magnet School bus will bring New London