Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Regional Meeting Minutes December 2, 2020

 12/2/20 MTW 1st Regional Meeting

(Meeting Notes taken by Essoha K)


  • Group Ice Breaker
  • Breakout Room Discussions

Topics for Discussion:

  • Group Ice Breaker
    • Opinion Continuum
  • Breakout Room Discussions
    • Name, grade/school, why are you here today, and how has the pandemic changed this fall for you (holidays, school, personal, etc)?
      • The majority of the MTW members were at the meeting to express their opinions and potential solutions to issues surrounding their communities. 
      • The majority of the MTW members agreed that the pandemic hindered their high school experience and prevented them from interacting with friends/loved ones this fall. 
    • Consider what school and life are like right now.  
      • The majority of the MTW members admit that even with the technology, it has become harder to keep up with the workload and to understand the content need to complete the assignments.
      • The majority of the MTW members indicated that their lives are completely different as compared with their lives before the pandemic. This is due to their outlook that their homes have become a secondary workplace and the lack of communication/connections they have with their loved ones. 
    • What do you want administration/teachers to know about what it means to be a student right now? 
      • The majority of the MTW members wanted the administration/teachers to understand that the way of life has changed from what it was a year ago. Right now, life is very difficult, and many students (especially the full-time home students) are still not accustomed to the return school year. The MTW members unanimously acknowledged that the school system is not adhering to the students’ needs in a way it is benefiting them. Most students are way too stressed and are not learning as much as they could be.

    • How do we build a community and make a change when it is so difficult to meet as clubs, activities, and sports teams right now? 
      • The majority of the MTW members recognized that students along with administrators/teachers can use platforms such as social media or even Zoom to connect with others within the school and the community. That engagement with others, listening to concerns, and communicating with one another is vital to help everyone cope with this pandemic. 

Today’s Activity: 

  • Opinion Continuum

    • Questions
      • Is TikTok better than Snapchat?
      • Is Flight the best superpower?
      • I want snow this winter?
      • Is ham better than turkey on Thanksgiving?

    • Hand Gestures/Ranking
      • Very High - Strongly Agree
      • Medium - Agree
      • Low - Disagree
      • No Hands - Strongly Disagree