Thursday, September 14, 2017

Trip Photos

The photos posted here so far are just from me. Our wonderful photographer, Mark, will start posting his collection next week. He typically posts one day at a time, so stay patient and keep an eye on your email, this site, etc. I will most likely post the rest of my photos Sunday or Monday. Mine are nowhere near as good as Mark's, but at least you'll have something to start looking through. Stay tuned. -Mr. Jannke

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Our Voyage Home

We woke to a spectacular sunrise off Bristol, RI. After breakfast, the kids cleaned the heads, floors, etc., and packed. We enjoyed a peaceful trip down the bay to Newport. Once we docked it was all hands on deck for cleaning, stowing, and furling. Some went to great heights to furl. We finished off with a group session, a group photo, and goodbyes. Thanks OHP! Until next time....

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Block to Narragansett Bay

We left Block Island this morning and set sail for Narragansett Bay. We participated in many sail handling drills along the way. The students are competent sailors now! We sailed under the Newport Bridge and then several miles up the bay. We set anchor off Prudence Island and went aloft to furl sails. We enjoyed another swim break, sunset, dinner, a navigation lesson, deep More Than Words discussions, and games. Then of course, it was lights out and time for our night watches.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Montauk to Block Island

After one more lesson on sail operations and high rigging training, we left Montauk and set sail for Block Island. The students set nine sails! After we were well out in Block Island Sound we did another round of fire and abandon ship drills. Then we enjoyed the afternoon sail to Block. After setting anchor, the students went aloft to furl sails. A few even went to the top of the highest sail (third sail on the mast) to furl. It was so high that photos just wouldn't do it justice. It was quite a bit of work to furl and tidy up the lines. We fit in a quick dinner and then went for a splendid swim off the boat at sunset. From there, each watch made it's own flag to represent themselves. Finally, the night watches, card games and sleep began.

Ready for Another Great Day

The photo below was of our spectacular sunset last night (more to come). It was a magical night on the hook. The kids are up and eating. The sun has risen. We are in for a couple more hours of training and then we'll set sail to the east.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Set Anchor for First Night in Montauk

We sailed across to Montauk, NY and anchored in Fort Pond Bay. It is so beautiful here! The students were in training all day. On the way over from CT, they learned about man over board, fire and abandon ship procedures, as well as how to get around the guts of the boat down below. After anchoring, they did their first climbing exercise and learned how to handle, lash, and stow lines. A few of them are up on the yard right now, furling the sail. There will be a whole other round of activities after dinner and then the two-hour night watches begin!