Thursday, February 23, 2023

Regional Workshop February 24, 2023

New London High School STEM Lecture Hall

7:45     Groton STA bus picks up Fitch High students

8:00     Groton STA bus picks up Ledyard High students

8:30     Arrive at New London High STEM Program Lecture Hall

8:45 Icebreakers:

     Movement games

     Name games

     Read New London Day editorial re: MTW workshop in November

9:15 Vision Setting Activity

     In the large group, introduce the concept of developing a multi-year action plan group

     Brainstorm ideas in small groups  record suggestions on newsprint

     Share with large group

10:15 Bennie Dover Jackson student-led workshop:

     Explanation of the problem – Kate Fioravanti or someone else from Bennie Dover Jackson MS

     Pre-mortem why will the school reorganization fail

     How to facilitate middle school workshops?

11:15 Lunch

11:45 School Group meeting – each school’s More Than Words club members chat about school plans

12:15 Workshop wrap up and final plans for Bennie Dover Jackson workshop

1:15     Bus departs New London High

1:45     Drop off Ledyard High students