Friday, September 9, 2022

Regional Workshop September 15, 2022

7:30 Pick up Fitch High School students
7:50 Pick up Ledyard High School stations
8:15 Drop off Fitch High and Ledyard High students at the New London High School Multi Magnet Campus STEM Building
8:30 Icebreakers: 

· Movement games

· Name games

9:00 Program welcome and orientation 

·  History of MTW

· The role of student voice in schools 

9:15 Small group discussion: the pandemic resulted in significant academic loss; nationwide reading and math scores are down. Most educators think the losses can be made up in the near future, but many fear that the mental health declines are worse and may last for far longer.


In your group, please identify the social, emotional and mental health concerns you see in schools and suggest ways to address them. 


9:45  Report out to large group

10:15 Presentation by Amistad staff re: ship’s history
11:00 lunch
11:30 Depart New London High School, travel to city pier for Amistad visit
1:00 Depart New London city pier 
1:10 Drop New London High Students at New London High
1:40 Drop Ledyard High Students at Ledyard High
2:00 Drop Fitch students at Fitch High