Monday, May 25, 2015

Workshop May 29 at Conn College

Workshop agenda for May 29 at Conn College

7:45       Groton STA bus picks up Fitch High Students
8:00       Groton STA bus picks up Ledyard High Students; New London students transported to Conn College
8:15       Bus arrives at Conn College
8:30       Icebreakers:
•             Names games
•             Group Challenge
•             Movement games
9:00       Baltimore Police Incident dialogue:  (Small group activity)
•             One way to start ("the ongoing dialogue that shod continue into the Fall") is to set up a series of RDGs. RAP Dialogue groups. These groups should consist of 7-9 students, led by a student facilitator with Faculty members moving around observing and mentoring the groups.
•             Here are some ideas from Bert Phillips:
1. Students should start with what they personally feel about what is going on in Baltimore?
2. How does it affect them emotionally and socially?
3. What do they see as the two biggest problems/issues?
4. What would they suggest as solutions to these problems/issues?
After each student has shared, there should be free flowing dialogue and if the group wishes, they can share with other groups.
                              5. Could a similar incident happen in Southeaster CT? How can we help to prevent such an incident?
10:30     Break
10:40     Group activity: Ivy Williams
11:00     Native American Music performance – Kenny Merrick
11:30    Lunch
12:00    Review this year’s workshops – what worked, what didn’t? Recommendations for next year.
•             Discuss the proposal to reorganize next year; we would conduct training workshops
•             Each school group would conduct in-district workshops at elementary and middle schools
•             Following the workshops
1:00       Depart for return to high schools