Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Workshop Agenda May 30

Tribal Community Center

7:50 a.m.             Ledyard bus carrying students to NL Sci and Tech Magnet High School will pick up NLHS students

8:15 a.m.             Bus will pick up LHS students – depart for Mashantucket Pequot Museum

            8: 30 a.m.            Arrive at Mashantucket Pequot Museum

            8:35 a.m.          Icebreakers

      9:00 a.m.           Tour of museum

      10:00               Program:
·        Gallup Hill School program review
·        Year-end review and evaluation of More Than Words program for 2012-13 – (Small group g large group report)

            11:00               Film Witness

            11:30               Lunch

            12:00 p.m.        Native American musical performance

            1:00                   Depart Mashantucket Pequot Museum

            1:15                    Drop off LHS students at LHS, depart for NLHS

            1:50 p.m.             Drop off NLHS students

Friday, May 17, 2013

LHS Assembly Wednesday

During AIM 60 on Wednesday there will be an assembly in the auditorium for most of the school.

LHS class of 1987 alumna Beth Brundage Murphy and her work will be the focus. Beth is a very successful documentary filmmaker and she will show us clips from her latest project, What Tomorrow Brings.

What Tomorrow Brings is about the extremely complicated issue of educating girls in Afghanistan. Beth returned from filming earlier this month and LHS will be the first to see her footage.

Beth was a girl from Ledyard...