Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Regional Workshop May 31, 2024

 Mashantucket Tribal Community Center

8:05 Groton STA bus picks up New London High students

8:25     Groton STA bus picks up Fitch High students

8:45     Groton STA bus picks up Ledyard High students 

9:00 Arrive at Mashantucket Tribal Community Center


9:00 Icebreakers

  • Dyads – introduce new friend, school and plans for the summer 

  • Name games

  • Movement games (Blob tag and fishy, fishy)

9:30  Mission statement and goals ­čí¬ Read statement and then review year’s program:

More Than Words is a group of student leaders form Fitch, Ledyard and New London High Schools and the Mashantucket Pequot tribal nation. Our mission is to promote respect for diversity, facilitate communication and build trust among members of our community. Our goals are to develop a group able to respond to crises, work proactively to prevent problems and celebrate diversity.

 2023-24 Activities:

  • Sept.  Camp Hazen

  • Nov. 2 – New London STEM workshop

  • Dec. 15 -Workshop at Tribal Community Center to prep for Ledyard Middle School workshop

  • February 3 - Black History Month celebration in Mystic – student led panel

  • Mar. 15 - Ledyard Middle School workshop

  • April 8-10 and May 16 – Amistad Leadership Academy

  • May 31 – Final workshop for year

School groups report out what they accomplished – large group setting 

  • How did we do in terms of meeting the mission and goals?


10:00 Amistad Leadership Academy – Video and program overview by Reeshemah

10:15 Pre-mortem: Set up small groups

  • NAACP Award – 2024 Education Award

  • The More Than Words program disbands and you find out a few years after you graduate. 

  • In small groups, identify the reasons why the groups died out. ­čí¬ report out

  • In small groups, how do we address the problems identified ­čí¬ report out

11:00  Lessons learned from LMS program as we plan for next year. 

  • Kurt reads follow-up notes.

  • Year-end review in small groups ­čí¬ Report out in large group 

  • Best aspects of program, what should we keep, what eliminate? 

11:30 Lunch

12:00 Refocus activity: Fishbowl/Opinion Continuum: 

  • Fishbowl: - Student generated topics?

  • Can a student leadership group like More Than Words make a meaningful difference in the school community? Can student leaders really affect change? 

  • Is modern technology as source of new good for out country?

  • Academic integrity in world of AI; what does it mean to invest in your own education? 

  • How might ChatGPT help us?

  • Opinion Continuum: 

    • Most students have become too dependent on smart phones and other types of tech

    • In schools where students must place their phones in pocket racks are better for learning

    • Allowing student athletes to compete in events by the gender with which they identify is unfair. 

    • Colleges were right to call in police to remove peaceful protestors

    • Thankfully the pandemic is over and there are no longer any effects 

12:45 Senior recognition

  • Post-secondary plans

  • What would be hope or future of More Than Words

  • What do you want to pass on?

  • Recommendations for the future.


1:15 Free time

  1:30    Bus departs Tribal Community Center

  1:45    Drop off Ledyard High students

  2:05    Drop off Fitch High students

  2:25   Drop off New London High Students

Regional Workshop March 15, 2024

Ledyard Middle School Workshop for 7th Grade

8:05     Groton STA bus picks up New London High students

8:25     Groton STA bus picks up Fitch High students

8:30     More Than Words students arrive at Ledyard Middle School

8:30 Workshop Preparation:

  • Separate into teams of 3-5 high school students

  • Seventh graders will be put into groups of 15 to 20 stuents, approximately 8 to 10 groups

  • Review problem solving scenarios and workshop format

    • Introduction – explain difference between bystander and upstander

    • Icebreakers: birth order of class group without talking, this or that (Sarah has list)

    • Skits: middle students will be put into small groups of four to five and asked to develop skit to illustrate upstander response to a scenario. 

  • You hear a joke that is just over the top (for making fun of a group).

  • One of your friends keeps pressuring you to use the n-word. (They may even say you have a pass because your uncle's wife is Black or whatever.)

  • You hear one student say to another (who is mixed), "It looks like someone rubbed dirt on your skin."

  • You see someone touching a Black student's afro and saying, "It's so soft."

  • You hear someone saying any of the common slurs, e.g. n-word, f-slur, r-slur.

  • You overhear students planning a "fight" where they "pants" another student.

  • You see a student touching another student (unwanted) or standing really close hovering over them making them feel uncomfortable. 

  • Students are making fun of another student with special needs.

9:30 – 10:39 Conduct workshops

11:00- 11:40 Lunch with middle school students

11:40 – 1:30 More Than Words students get-together:

  • debrief on workshop experiences

  • share with each school’s club is doing

  • hold separate school More Than Words meeting

  • Walk/play outside -weather permitting 

1:30     Bus departs Ledyard Middle School 

1:40     Drop off Ledyard High students

2:00 Drop of Fitch High students

2:30 Drop off New London High students