Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Regional Workshop March 15, 2024

Ledyard Middle School Workshop for 7th Grade

8:05     Groton STA bus picks up New London High students

8:25     Groton STA bus picks up Fitch High students

8:30     More Than Words students arrive at Ledyard Middle School

8:30 Workshop Preparation:

  • Separate into teams of 3-5 high school students

  • Seventh graders will be put into groups of 15 to 20 stuents, approximately 8 to 10 groups

  • Review problem solving scenarios and workshop format

    • Introduction – explain difference between bystander and upstander

    • Icebreakers: birth order of class group without talking, this or that (Sarah has list)

    • Skits: middle students will be put into small groups of four to five and asked to develop skit to illustrate upstander response to a scenario. 

  • You hear a joke that is just over the top (for making fun of a group).

  • One of your friends keeps pressuring you to use the n-word. (They may even say you have a pass because your uncle's wife is Black or whatever.)

  • You hear one student say to another (who is mixed), "It looks like someone rubbed dirt on your skin."

  • You see someone touching a Black student's afro and saying, "It's so soft."

  • You hear someone saying any of the common slurs, e.g. n-word, f-slur, r-slur.

  • You overhear students planning a "fight" where they "pants" another student.

  • You see a student touching another student (unwanted) or standing really close hovering over them making them feel uncomfortable. 

  • Students are making fun of another student with special needs.

9:30 – 10:39 Conduct workshops

11:00- 11:40 Lunch with middle school students

11:40 – 1:30 More Than Words students get-together:

  • debrief on workshop experiences

  • share with each school’s club is doing

  • hold separate school More Than Words meeting

  • Walk/play outside -weather permitting 

1:30     Bus departs Ledyard Middle School 

1:40     Drop off Ledyard High students

2:00 Drop of Fitch High students

2:30 Drop off New London High students