Monday, October 13, 2014

Workshop Agenda October 30

More Than Words Workshop
October 30, 2014
New London Science and Technology Magnet School

7:45       Groton STA bus picks up Fitch High Students
8:00       Groton STA bus picks up Ledyard High Students
8:15       Bus arrives at NL Science and Tech Magnet School
8:30       Icebreakers:
Names games
Group Challenge
Group activity: Ivy Williams questions regarding identity and differences.
Small group- appreciate differences dialogue
9:00       Program history – Carly Reising
9:10       Plainfield incident:
Explain confrontation – perhaps with participants from the team
Small group activity:
10:30     Break
10:40     Prep for anti-bullying workshop
Review last year’s workshop – what worked, what didn’t?
Key points of the book to highlight?
11:45     Lunch
12:15     Role play activity (prep for anti-bullying)
1:00       Group share of ideas for role playing
1:15       Depart