Tuesday, October 19, 2021

First Post-Covid All-School In-Person Workshop!

After a year and a half we are back to live meetings. Our first workshop this year is a trust-building workshop at Camp Hazen.

October 22, 2021

Camp Hazen, Chester CT

7:45 - Groton STA picks up Fitch students 

8:00 - Groton STA picks up Ledyard students 

8:15 - Groton STA picks up New London students 

9:00 - Arrive at Camp Hazen and begin trust-building activities

10:00 - Program Intro and Intro of Superintendents

10:30 - More trust-building activities

11:30 - Lunch

12:00 - Program orientation/goals for the year

12:45 - Depart 

1:30 - Drop off at NL

1:45 - Drop off at Ledyard

2:00 - Drop off at Fitch

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Regional Meeting Minutes December 2, 2020

 12/2/20 MTW 1st Regional Meeting

(Meeting Notes taken by Essoha K)


  • Group Ice Breaker
  • Breakout Room Discussions

Topics for Discussion:

  • Group Ice Breaker
    • Opinion Continuum
  • Breakout Room Discussions
    • Name, grade/school, why are you here today, and how has the pandemic changed this fall for you (holidays, school, personal, etc)?
      • The majority of the MTW members were at the meeting to express their opinions and potential solutions to issues surrounding their communities. 
      • The majority of the MTW members agreed that the pandemic hindered their high school experience and prevented them from interacting with friends/loved ones this fall. 
    • Consider what school and life are like right now.  
      • The majority of the MTW members admit that even with the technology, it has become harder to keep up with the workload and to understand the content need to complete the assignments.
      • The majority of the MTW members indicated that their lives are completely different as compared with their lives before the pandemic. This is due to their outlook that their homes have become a secondary workplace and the lack of communication/connections they have with their loved ones. 
    • What do you want administration/teachers to know about what it means to be a student right now? 
      • The majority of the MTW members wanted the administration/teachers to understand that the way of life has changed from what it was a year ago. Right now, life is very difficult, and many students (especially the full-time home students) are still not accustomed to the return school year. The MTW members unanimously acknowledged that the school system is not adhering to the students’ needs in a way it is benefiting them. Most students are way too stressed and are not learning as much as they could be.

    • How do we build a community and make a change when it is so difficult to meet as clubs, activities, and sports teams right now? 
      • The majority of the MTW members recognized that students along with administrators/teachers can use platforms such as social media or even Zoom to connect with others within the school and the community. That engagement with others, listening to concerns, and communicating with one another is vital to help everyone cope with this pandemic. 

Today’s Activity: 

  • Opinion Continuum

    • Questions
      • Is TikTok better than Snapchat?
      • Is Flight the best superpower?
      • I want snow this winter?
      • Is ham better than turkey on Thanksgiving?

    • Hand Gestures/Ranking
      • Very High - Strongly Agree
      • Medium - Agree
      • Low - Disagree
      • No Hands - Strongly Disagree

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Workshop Agenda October 25, 2019

More Than Words Workshop
Oct. 25, 2019
New London Science and Tech High School

7:45 Groton STA bus picks up Fitch High students
8:00 Groton STA bus picks up Ledyard High student
8:15 Students arrive at New London Sci. and & Tech High
8:30 Icebreakers
-Movement games
-Name games
-Group challenge:
9:00 MLK speeches
9:15 Review of last year
9:40 Privilege Walk -→ small groups: what does the walk illustrate? How does privilege
impact the school you attend? How does SES impact you, your school and your
10:00 Intro vision for 2019-20 program: how do we support the consolidation of two middle
Schools in Groton? → Small groups: wat are the initial obstacles? How do we achieve
true integration of bot student bodies into one.
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Opinion Continuum:
-Government repose to vaping is a total overreaction
-Drug companies have been unfairly blamed for the opioid crisis
-CT efforts to legalize marijuana would be good because it would
decriminalize a harmless behavior.
12:30 Fish Bowl: high school do not have a legitimate voice in their schools.
1:10 Bus departs NL Sci. & Tech HS
1:45 Drop of Ledyard High students
2:00 Drop of Fitch High Students

Monday, May 27, 2019

Workshop Agenda May 30, 2019

More Than Words

May 30, 2019

New London Sci & Tech Magnet H.S.

7:45     Groton STA bus picks up Fitch High students

8:00     Groton STA bus picks up Ledyard High student

8:15     Students arrive at New London Sci and & Tech High

8:20     Icebreakers

9:00     Reflection on the year's activities:

·      Amistad trip

·      West Side workshop

·      School programs report out

10:00   Rules for dialogue

10:10   How to respond to hate language or inappropriate remarks from students, staff and


11:30   Lunch

12:00   One book/One region

12:15   Senior reflections

12:30   Plans for next year- identify community needs

1:10     Bus departs NL Sci & Tech HS

1:45     Drop of Ledyard High students

2:00     Drop of Fitch High Students

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Workshop Agenda October 26, 2018

More Than Words
Oct. 26, 2018
Mashantucket Pequot Museum

7:30  a.m.        Pick up New London High students
7::50 a.m.        Pick up Fitch High students
8:10 a.m.         Pick up Ledyard High students
8:30 a.m.         Icebreakers
        •    Name game
            •   Movement game
9:15 a.m.         Orientation/History:
·       Students review programs over last three years.
·       What is each school’s recent developments?  What are you working on?  

9:30 a.m.         Opinion continuum
10:15   Annual Theme –
Civility – You make a difference; you have the power to make a positive impact.
·       MLK Scholar speeches
·       New London Day editorial and cartoon.

Theme Questions:
·       How do we as student leaders promote civil dialog?
·       How do kids have conversation with people who don’t agree with the basic facts?
·       How do More Than Words students spread the word to other youth

10:45 a.m.  Dialogue:
·       What are this year’s outreach projects?          West Side MS?
·       Starfish book and art project? Empower students to make a difference

11:30 a.m.       Lunch
12:00 p.m.       Museum tour
12:45 p.m.       Workshop wrap up
1:00 p.m.         Pick up students at Mashantucket Pequot Museum
1:15 p.m.         Drop off Ledyard High students
1:30 p.m.         Drop off Fitch High students
1:50 p.m.         Drop off New London High students

Opinion Continuum topics:
·       Kavanagh Nomination – accountable for high school behavior
·       Voter ID laws – Voter suppression vw. should we have strict rules requiring identification
·       Collin Kaepernick – Sell out to Nike?
·       Gender identity – transgender no longer applicable
·       Migrant children vs. secure borders
·       Smart phones – promote poor communication

·       Racial identity

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Workshop Agenda May 17, 2018

Workshop Agenda May 17, 2018 
@ New London Science and Tech Magnet High School
  • 7:45 Groton STA bus picks up Fitch High Students
  • 8:00 Groton STA bus picks up Ledyard High Students
  • 8:15 Students arrive at New London Science and Tech High School
  • 8:20 Icebreakers
  • 8:45 Group challenge: beach ball building challenge
  • 9:45 Bert Phillips activity
  • 10:45 Video of role of police, artists, the media etc. in our culture
  • 11:15 Lunch
  • 11:45 Senior acknowledgment
  • 12:45 Plans for next year
  • 1:15 Bus Departs
  • 1:45 Drop off Ledyard High students and staff
  • 2:00 Drop off Fitch High School students and staff

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Workshop Agenda, March 29, 2018

More Than Words
March 29, 2018
New London Science and Tech Magnet High School

7:45  Groton STA bus picks up Fitch High Students
8:00  Groton STA bus picks up Ledyard High Students
8:15  Students arrive at New London Science and Tech High School
8:20  Icebreakers
9:00  Fitch High School incident explanation
·       Hurtful language re: gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.
9:45  More Than Words response to problem – possible solutions
·       Hate talk, harmful words, disrespectful behavior
·       Social Media role in crisis
·       Teacher training
·       De-escalation and education re: racism
11;15  Lunch
12:00  Walk-In/Walk-Out student response to gun violence
1:15  Bus Departs
1:45  Drop off Ledyard High students and staff

2:00  Drop off Fitch High School students and staff